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See Yourself as the Prize

Over the years of dating and interacting with people, I have noticed the importance of valuing yourself. Far too often, we put people on a pedestal and perceive them as having much higher value than ourselves. 

When you don’t recognize your own value, it’s easy to fall into a trap. This trap presents itself in weak behaviors like approval seeking, qualifying, jealousy etc. because you don’t feel worthy. 

A classic example of this is when you feel nervous around girls who you perceive to be smoking hot 10’s. You let her beauty diminish your own self-worth, because you don’t feel worthy of having a girl like her.

The moment you put her on a pedestal, you’re out. 

We all know people who are perceived as having high and low social value. What’s the factor that differentiates our perception of these two persons? It’s their behavior. 

We judge people based on how they behave. If you start seeing yourself as the prize and behave accordingly, people will perceive you to be a high-value man. 

The majority of people in today’s society base their self-worth on external elements. That’s one of the reasons why social media is so popular. People get addicted to the likes because of the external approval they gain. This behavior makes these people extremely vulnerable and unstable, because they allow external things to control their own personal value. 

You are the only person who should determine your own self-worth.

Shift the perception of yourself and start seeing yourself as the prize. Start thinking, acting and making decisions according to the new perception of yourself.

It’s important to point out though, that I’m not talking about this from a standpoint of arrogance. You shouldn’t be disrespectful, put people down or brag about yourself. Arrogant people are afraid and insecure little boys, so don’t be one.

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