Are You a Slave to Other People’s Opinions?

The fear of what people think, have killed far too many dreams and kept people from living authentic lives.

We have all experienced a degree of paranoia to what people think of us. Some people seem to be unswayed by the opinion of others, while other people crumble by just the thought of somebody judging them.

If you find yourself obsessing over what other people think of you. It’s because you value their opinion higher than your own. You’re in essence giving your personal power away and let other peoples opinions define you.

Reclaiming personal power doesn’t accrue until you come to the point of realization, that another persons opinion doesn’t define you. Everyone are entitled to have their own opinion but it doesn’t have any power over you, since you know your foundation.

’’Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.Lao Tzu

You may constantly wonder what other people are thinking of you, but the truth is that they don’t think so much about you. They are more concerned with themselves and what other people think of them. Everyone have their own problems and insecurities, you’re not alone.

This recognition is deliberating because it removes the perceived pressure which is the cause for a lot of stress in your life.

It’s actually only your own insecurities that are being projected while worrying. You always interpret that people are judging you based on your flaws or insecurities.

’’The way she looked at me must have been because she think I’m fat.’’

Think back to the last time you felt anxious about what others thought of you. I guarantee that it only was one of your insecurities that where projected. It was all in your head.

It’s as they said in Game of Thrones ’’Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.’’

The funny things is that when you try to control what people think of you, it backfires and creates the opposite effect you want. It’s hard to be at ease and confident when you’re self critical and constantly wondering how you are coming across.

The fear of what people think can also cause you to live against your own intuition. 

By living life through the expectations of others, you’re living someone else’s life. Why would you give people that power and let yourself be fooled around like a piece of trash?

Your parents or peers may expect you to live a certain lifestyle and get a stable job. The meaning behind their expectations are probably not bad, it’s just what they think is best for you. But, are you going to be a doctor just to make your parents happy or because it’s something you personally desire?

This is your life and the important question is what you want out of it.

It’s hard to be happy and maintain integrity with yourself if you live against your own intuition. People who are salves to the opinion and expectations of others can be found everywhere. They didn’t pursue their dream, are stuck in mediocrity and live unsatisfying lives.

The next time you find yourself in doubt and are about to make a decision, ask yourself:

Am I not doing this because it’s not what I personally desire? or because I fear what people may think?

It’s a powerful question, because it put things into perspective.

’’I care not what others think of what I do, but I car very much about what I think of what I do! That is character! ’’ Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s flip the coin.

Instead of being paranoid and wonder if people like you, start ask yourself if you like them. Are they living up to my values? You are no longer concerned about peoples approval because you approve and value yourself.

Free yourself, no longer do you have to be a slave to other’s opinions!

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